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Advanced Management Services, Inc. (AMS) is a global Management Consulting firm focused on improving our clients' business performance by developing people, enhancing process and enabling technology. For over two decades, our industry leading subject matter experts have designed and delivered customized consulting and training solutions for Fortune 500 organizations, Global 2000 companies and various government agencies by focusing on the mission critical practice areas of Project Management, Business Analysis, Professional Development and Organization Effectiveness, resulting in value, quality, and sustainable solutions for our clients. AMS Advantage

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Regional Business Development Representation and Solution Implementation Team Members located in:

United States • Canada • Italy • Singapore • Hong Kong • United Kingdom • India • Brazil

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Servicing Global enterprise clients in the following industry verticals:

  • Aeronautics
  • Banking
  • Biotech
  • Construction/Engineering
  • Consulting/Professional Services
  • Education/Training
  • Energy/Utility/Nuclear/Gas/Oil
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology/Software
  • Financial Services/Insurance
  • Food/Food Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-Profit
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Publishing
  • Research and Development
  • Retail
  • Sales/Marketing/Advertising
  • Scientific
  • Telecommunications


"I would highly recommend your firm to anyone seeking a customer focused management consultancy. I have had the opportunity to work with many consulting firms in my position and have never seen one so truly focused on customer satisfaction. Your company's willingness to be flexible and creative is overshadowed only by the firm's ability to deliver quality."

Director, Financial Reporting

Investment and Insurance Organization

"First and foremost, AMS is clearly a quality organization. From the outset of our partnership, I was impressed with my first contact in your organization. The level of professionalism and service was outstanding – responsive, flexible and proactive are words that come to mind. That experience continued as we identified AMS as the organization we wanted for this important initiative: The need to develop global leaders to match the organization’s global business was clear and selecting you was the right choice."

SVP, Global Learning Organization

Global Banking Organization

Management Team

Phil Ventresca, MBA
Founding Partner
Toni Ventresca
Co-Founder/ Managing Partner

Tom Flynn, P.E., PMP
Co-Founder/ Managing Partner

Jessica Moore
Managing Partner

Regional Business Development Team

Piermario Croce
Principal Consultant/Regional Business Developer
Europe, Middle East, & Africa (EMEA)
Drew Boyd
Principal Consultant/Regional Business Developer
Roman Matla
Principal Consultant/Regional Business Developer
Asia Pacific (APAC)

Solution Development Team

Angie Sokol
Principal Consultant/ Regional Business Developer

Jeff Stempien
Principal Consultant

Frank Ferrante
Principal Consultant
John Slack
Principal Consultant

Darrel Raynor
Principal Consultant/Regional Business Developer

Michael McCourt
Principal Consultant

Solution Implementation Team

AMS consultants are executive level practitioners with cross-industry and Government experience. Our teams are assembled based on industry and client specific variables allowing us the ability to service clients with the highest quality and value through a multitiered customized approach to solutions design and implementation.

AMS leverages a proprietary best practice implementation methodology to ensure that solutions render cost control, service and efficiency. All AMS solutions are designed within a best practice approach producing repeatable and sustainable results.

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More Testimonials

Business Analysis

"The AMS approach to BA solutions is refreshing. The organization understands from a strategic perspective that in order to accomplish enterprise-wide projects both your team members and the organization need to be in alignment with open communication channels. I had an opportunity to work with other firms who rely on technology as the core aspect of BA functions. The AMS approach embraces people, process and technology allowing for a complete solution. I would recommend AMS for any BA related solution development as we were very satisfied with their competence, creativity and flexibility."

Sr. Project Manager at a Large Global 500 Organization within the Financial Services Industry

"The AMS approach to requirements gathering and integration of those requirements into a real project scope was enlightening. I was pleasantly surprised at how experienced the AMS team was at translating Business Analysis best practice into real-world application."

Director of Training and Development at a Premiere Technology Solutions Provider within the TeleCom Industry

Project Management

"We would like to thank the team at AMS for assisting us with the world-wide implementation of project management best practices within our capital project management function. AMS has been responsible for helping us shift to a project based entity, creating a global PMO and writing all of the supporting processes. Additionally they trained over 1000 employees world-wide. I believe that the capital project management process was one of the core value points that led to multi-million dollar savings on multiple capital projects within our portfolio. The advice we received from AMS was truly world class."

Engineering Manager, Global Engineering PMO at a multinational pharmaceutical corporation

"Since we are in our infancy stage of the Project Management Office, your team's guidance and philosophies contributed to how we moved forward. AMS was instrumental in helping the Project Managers pass the PMP exam the first time. Through their training classes, our organization has started creating methodologies within IT that are being used on most projects. We would highly recommend Advanced Management Services for any project management consulting, methodology build out or training project. You were a pleasure to deal with and very experienced in helping guide us through this process."

PMO Leadership Team Lead at an American supermarket chain in the New England area

Professional Development

"The team at AMS was impressive from the first time we met them. I have personally interviewed many large training companies, but the folks at AMS were heads and tails above the rest because of their flexibility, desire to be true partners and level of subject matter expertise. I would recommend AMS to any organization seeking a results driven team of professionals."

Performance Management Team Leader from one of the world's largest oilfield services companies

"The efforts that AMS and their team set forth were most valuable to the university. Without the professional project planning and assistance with process development I am quite certain we would have failed with our efforts to create a true customer facing event. All of our vendors, exhibitors and presenters were quite satisfied and have agreed to return next year. I would highly recommend the AMS staff to anyone seeking advice on conference or event management."

Director, Corporate Education at a well-known top tier University

Organization Effectiveness

"We would like to thank the team at AMS for their dedicated service and commitment to excellence. AMS consultants have been working with two divisions in our Global Services division and since they became involved we have reduced turnover, increased productivity and improved overall morale of the staff. The objective of this engagement was to produce "quality" based tools and methods for decision making and risk analysis, the outcome has resulted in better management practices in general and our ability to apply the new skill sets to multiple activities in the business unit. I would highly recommend AMS as they have proven to be one of our best professional services providers."

Global Services Training Manager at an American multinational telecommunications corporation and largest provider of fixed telephony in the U.S.

"The tireless effort that you and your organization provided was invaluable to our team. You proposed clear deliverables and you accomplished each one in a timely, complete and customer-focused manner. Your organization met and exceeded our expectations. After working with AMS, we have learned that 'synergy' is more than a buzzword. It's achievable! We are now more capable to select vendors and manage their contracts as well as reducing cost over-run on projects. Additionally, we have improved the relationships with suppliers and have been able to more effectively negotiate long term engagements, ultimately reducing the costs associated with bidding and RFP development."

GBU Project Management Team Leader at a regional electric utility organization

Project Briefings

Business Analysis
Create process and learning events to establish best practice and competence.

Challenge: The organization was seeking to gain project efficiencies by adopting a formal business analyst function to liaison between information technology and the business community.

Solution: AMS created custom learning to help the organization emphasize the synergies and identify the delimitation between systems analysis and business analysis. The custom curriculum was designed with consideration to the learning culture, as well as industry best practices and standards. Correlating scorecards were developed so that the organization could continually measure direct business impact from the training.

Benefits:The client was able to successfully roll-out business analysis programs across the enterprise. Significant gains were observed through reduced rework as a result of clearer requirements on a tactical level. At a strategic level, business decisions were enhanced by an increased level of alignment in the project selection process and at various stage gates in the integrated BA/PM methodology ensuring that the project portfolio maintains maximum alignment with the strategic planning efforts.

Business Analysis practices development and oversight for offshore teams in Bosnia.

Challenge: The Client was in need of a process to control the development of software via off shore teams. In this scenario the client wanted to assign a third party to ensure the quality and security specifications were being met by the Bosnian team.

Solution: AMS created a standard matrix for evaluation of the Software Design Lifecycle (SDLC). Within this process the AMS team defined stage gates and quality specifications based on the area of the lifecycle. This allowed the team in Bosnia to interact with the client effectively as well as giving the third party management team a clear picture of the overall project. The general solution was crafted against Business Analyst Best Practice and represented a re-usable solution for the client and third party vendor.

Benefits:The client and the third party benefited by having a clearly defined process, lifecycle and set of expectations. The project ran ahead of schedule and under budget.

Project Management
Create a complete Capital Project Management Process (CPMP) including training, methodologies and organizational structures.

Challenge:The client required assistance with the development of both their Global (full service) Capital Project Management Office and a worldwide training program designed and facilitated for their newly developed Capital Project Management Process; they called on AMS to coordinate and integrate these efforts.

Solution: A comprehensive training program was developed and delivered throughout the Global Project Management community and the PMO was developed as a multi-faceted and service-based organization with the capability to direct, consult and assist with a wide range of international capital project types and sizes.

Benefits:The organization has witnessed immediate positive results in Risk Management Planning, Scheduling, Estimating Accuracy, Execution Effectiveness and an overall increase in the effectiveness of Project Management communication and understanding throughout the global enterprise.

Assistance and training in the development of a Project Management Office (PMO).

Challenge:The company needed assistance in implementing their Project Support Office in order for them to champion their newly created flexible PMO Life Cycle Process.

Solution:AMS developed a best practice process that worked well for the client’s needs as well as creating the documentation that supported the process. AMS also provided key training classes for the associates involved in working with the newly created best practice process.

Benefits:As a result of this engagement the company now has a Life Cycle Process to back up their Project Management Best Practices. They have also implemented their Project Support Office and have several highly trained associates to help keep their support office running. Their training attendance and feedback has never been better.

Professional Development
Design and assist in the implementation of a competency alignment model to increase productivity and reduce attrition.

Challenge: The client needed to maximize their training dollars by aligning specific content to job titles and career paths. The training needed to be delivered via a blended model and constructed to provide measurable results via a pre and post assessment process aligned to performance metrics for each job classification.

Solution: AMS partnered with the client to produce a “career path road map” that illustrated the advancement path most common to primary job positions. Once this map was created we worked with the team to align correlating competencies at both the job and performance level, thus allowing for employee awareness of expectations and usable measurement criteria for HR assessments.

The career path road map and competency matrix were then combined within an assessment and set against a training curriculum to begin aligning the “base-line” for training candidates to enter the curriculum. This entrance point criteria allowed managers to best position associates for immediate training benefit via a customized curriculum that aligned with their personal development needs.

The curriculum itself was constructed using our Case Based Learning Experience, (CBLE) model and was customized to align fully with the organization's culture, Lean Manufacturing environment, ISO and Six Sigma requirements. Each Program was unique as it also adopted principles from the most current business books, using them as a supplement to the core course materials.

Benefits:The training was rolled out worldwide via the organization's existing corporate university. The roll out was viewed as extraordinarily successful as the training candidates were able to recognize immediate value application back to their jobs. The organization experienced the highest rate of return on training they had seen measured through lowered turn over and raised productivity.

Global Leadership Development.

Challenge: The organization was faced with rapid expansion and attrition due to a transitioning/retiring executive workforce. Additionally they were challenged with a global work force requiring varied levels of leadership development and inclusion training.

Solution: AMS created a stage gated educational and development plan which included a leadership assessment, gap analysis aligned to job function and baseline competency as well as crafting customized best practice and intellectual property to align with the organization's strategic initiatives.

Benefits:The organization was able to establish an internal benchmark for the leadership competency while crafting performance metrics and career paths for developing managers. In addition, the structure of the program led to a reduction in attrition and a boost in overall productivity due to inclusion and visible paths for each associate. These solutions were rolled out globally and delivered via on-site, distance and consulting vehicles. The program was adopted by all divisions and is still the base-line for the organization's leadership development training.

Organization Effectiveness
Assistance in the integration of a New Product Development process (NPD).

Challenge: The organization required assistance with the integration of their complex New Product Development Process (NPDP) and a consistent enterprise-wide approach to Program and Project Management.

Solution:AMS conducted a thorough multi-level review of the entire NPD process as well as defining Program/Project Management processes and standards, and assisting the organization in developing a Program Management Office to coordinate the intricate and complex design and manufacturing tasks within constrained schedules and zero-defect quality adherence. AMS also developed a Project Management training platform for the organization’s resources and the organization’s proficiency within a PM methodology environment.

Benefits:As a result, standard process has spread to other project types within the organization, resulting in a corporate wide initiative to implement PM best practice.

Align risk management process with an already existing project Execution Planning methodology.

Challenge: The organization required assistance working with the Assembled Chemical Weapons Assessment Program to test and demonstrate at least two alternative technologies to the baseline incineration process for the demilitarization of assembled chemical weapons with risk management.

Solution: AMS helped them align their risk management process, making it a live on-going event which correlated with the rest of their Project Execution Planning methodology safely and timely.

Benefits:The client was then able to review and enhance the plan which enabled them to proactively mitigate project risk and enhance the utilization of resources.